Young and Sick


Misfits of the metaverse — season one — Wednesday 15 December

100 Wasted weirdos all one of one. All Hand drawn.

50 BARFLIES—"THE LOCALS"—Anyone with a previous Young and Sick NFT in their wallet can try to catch one of these flies. If you're on the guestlist you will have 24 hours to mint your barfly, find a time with cheap gas, and drive your new drunk buddy home.

30 BARFLIES–"THE AUCTION"—These 30 weirdos will be auctioned off here to pay for their bar tabs. Choose which Barfly you love the most from this lot, and get after them. The bidding goes on for 24 hours.

20 BARFLIES—"THE GATEWAY"—All 20 will be available in one ranked choice auction over at Nifty Gatway. Your place in the auction determines the order of which you'll get to pick your Barfly from this lot. I.E.—First place gets first choice, 7th place will get 7th choice...etc. The auction will run for two hours.

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